our family


for Bryn on the occasion of his 31st birthday, 27th March 2018

we can’t hold you like this so easily anymore but you’re still just as close to our hearts

Tea and Symphony 2

The spaces in the Albany Parking Garage seem smaller, or is it that the car’s bigger.  Tonight the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra will present the first in […]

I love you in other words

Did you sleep well? Is there anything I can do to help you? There’s Mac Cheese in the oven. Who’s the designated driver? If you need […]

for Rhys on the occasion of his 31st birthday, 4th November 2016


the word I hate to hear you say is


Open Gates

August 2000 flushed faces huge grins gently taking the guys down my son open-faced they laugh as they try to stop one another so absorbed and […]

Myriorama Moment

“in whichever order these twenty-four cards are laid side by side the result will be a perfectly harmonious landscape” after all the years of waiting, on […]

Night Cricket

All the Hilton boys were in a grandstand