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I love you in other words

Did you sleep well? Is there anything I can do to help you? There’s Mac Cheese in the oven. Who’s the designated driver? If you need […]

Meg, no words needed!


when you are out with your dog (2016)

2016 when you are out with your dog and people look at your dog you never know who they are remembering and seeing again  

freedoms gained (16 December 2014)

16 December 2014 we can reverse without worry walk on the grass without looking simply lock up and go would rather have you      

sounds lost (late March 2014)

late March 2014 no longer the lap lap, lap lap, lap lap as you drink from your icecream box in the garage beneath our bedroom no […]

Rest in Peace Meggy Sue :-( (22 March 2014)

Rest in Peace Meggy Sue 🙁 31.1.2001 – 22.3.2014 Your 13 years of life gave me more joy than most people could know. Your human-like characteristics […]

Meg’s last Christmas (25 December 2013)

From an email to Bryn: Meggy had a lovely day.   She was close to us all outside with presents and litchis and nuts, before we […]

Remember when (22 March 2014)

22 March 2014 it’s Saturday morning and when her morning surgery is over, the vet is going to come I’ll never forget your first morning with […]

Meg’s back legs (early March 2014)


Meggy (14 March 2012)

14 March 2012   Meggy gives her companionship so freely I love to see her moods change throughout the day right now she’s getting her sleepy […]

To Meggy (19 February 2014)

19 February 2014 Hi Mum After reading your emails about Meggy and her wavering condition, I wrote something tonight which I am sending to you. As […]

old dog (early January 2014)

early January 2014       how much is enough how much is too much  

enjoying her (17 December 2013)

17 December 2013 it’s just so enchanting having a dog this morning I’d walked on the driveway then left the front door open and gone into […]

hurts loving you (mid December 2013)

mid December 2013   “Meggy!”  

Poem by Meg (February 2013)

February 2013 They keep closing the door in my face. Why would they do that? I haven’t done anything wrong.   I used to love being […]

Carpe Omnia (early this century…)

early this century…     Young Megs I know just how you feel I think to her this early morning as she flings herself onto her […]