“make new friends, but keep the old one is silver, the other gold”

After lunch at home

guests departed laughter lingers table disarrayed chairs pushed back floating flowers singed by floating candles crumpled serviettes buttery sideplates hot tray cooled down dictionary on the […]

After lunch at Quo

you’d been dropped off at our gate I arrived a second later, as you were about to press the intercom and opened for you, with my […]

Lala Kahle Cemetery

just came to see you, Elmarie E66 nice spot you told me you had been to see the cemetery where you would be buried and made […]

smiling at the pool

smiling at the pool as I scoop away the leaves what is it that’s so lovely about lunch the company the food the buzz pasta puttanescasauvignon […]

After lunch today

    … everything seems so joyous …       20th March  2014 at Olive and Oil, with Laureen and Patty thanks girls

After lunch

… everything seems so simple …       12th April 2011 At the Malvina, with Judy and Sally, Joan Bound, Joan Spruce, Lidda, Jenny Luxton […]

Myriorama Moment

“in whichever order these twenty-four cards are laid side by side the result will be a perfectly harmonious landscape” after all the years of waiting, on […]