making breakfast at Pipeland, listening

The Giving of Flowers

making breakfast at Pipeland, listening

no-one else here
no talking

no music
no radio

bubble hubbub kettle’s boiled
Earl Grey steeping in a mug

a red pepper sliced onto the chopping board
sounds crisp and sharp
an elderly tomato yields silently

basil leaves snap away from the plant at the side of the hob
snip-snipped with scissors

whisper of the blue gas flame so low
turn it up

sizzle of butter onto the hot oil in the pan
spit spat in the mixture goes

microwave pings
plate is warm

glop glop eggs beaten, round and round in a bowl
ting ting fork taps against the rim

plop the bowl in sudsy water
grind seasalt and peppercorns

splash the eggs into the pan
stir with silent spatula

toast roars up
exploding out onto the counter
one day I’ll be poised waiting and catch it

now toast is spread with a sexy scramble
tea is poured
chair pulled out

so fortunate
to hear breakfast in the making
then eat it all up!