After lunch at home

my Sat Nav guy

After lunch at home

guests departed
laughter lingers

table disarrayed
chairs pushed back

floating flowers singed
by floating candles

crumpled serviettes
buttery sideplates

hot tray cooled down
dictionary on the table

dessert forks unused
custard in the bottom of the jug

a forgotten scarf
a pot of Rooibos

undercloth rumpled
tablecloth soaking in a bucket

red wine, red wine
talking with your hands

diningroom air
remembers the meal

feeling pleased
don’t want to go anywhere

it’s fun having our friends to lunch
over a leisurely eight hours!


1 October 2017
thanks Carolyn, Graham, Wend, Jill, Don, Anna, Tony, Christine, Claude, Joan and Chris
and to Anthony for making everything possible