Dis al
After lunch at home

my Sat Nav guy

my Sat Nav guy is so patient
never gets bored
never contradicts me

I chose him for his gravelly voice
he accompanies my journeys

saying things like, Exit Coming Up
and, Take the Fourth Exit on the Roundabout, Then, Take the Motorway

if I go wrong he says, Turn Around When Possible
once I get there he says, You Have Reached Your Destination

when I drive over the Tay, the small box stuck to my windscreen shows the car on the bridge
with blue blue water on either side
even when the river is scudding whipped stormy grey
white horses charging and a louring sky

when I drive over the Forth on the newly-opened Queensferry Crossing, he does not speak
he scratches his head
and the box shows the car in the middle of … nothing, in the air, flying
till we reach the other side

he enables my journeys, making everywhere achievable
even, Unnamed Road

my journey began 64 years ago
one day I’ll reach my destination
then I would like to turn around
but it won’t be possible

so in the meantime
I’ll enjoy and celebrate
this freedom and power

bless the brains
that gave the world this technology
and me my Sat Nav guy