Lala Kahle Cemetery

I love you in other words
Tea and Symphony 2

Lala Kahle Cemetery

just came to see you, Elmarie
nice spot

you told me you had been to see the cemetery where you would be buried
and made all the necessary arrangements

I cannot imagine
though I can’t help but imagine
your thoughts
your state of mind
when you came here to visit Lala Kahle

don’t know whether you looked and chose your actual spot
if so, well chosen

even though I couldn’t find your name at first
and had to go to the office to find out the number
I sort of knew it would be on that side
facing away from civilisation
away from Build-It
towards the far view

it’s very peaceful here but not too quiet
there’s music from over the way
washing in abundance on this good drying day

I am sure you will have prepaid
and sat in the small office where I was a moment ago

I was finding out where you were
“de Bruyn, August”

and then after your visit you will have been driven away by a friend
knowing that the next time you came here would be … after your death

you did say to me in that last conversation from Scotland
“I’ve come to terms with it, I am going to be with my Creator, it’s just hard saying goodbye to people,”
and your voice broke, and I cried

those small competent hands stilled
as tears fell
I’m so sorry you had to die so young
1960 to 2013, that’s no age at all

behind you
the Old Main Road and the Rob Roy
scene of some triumphs I’m sure, tasty snacks and lengthy chats

in front
the view
the outlook

we salute you dear friend
wherever you may be

sweet small person
honest, skilled, fair, strong

“I could have been an engineer.”