sounds lost (late March 2014)

Rest in Peace Meggy Sue :-( (22 March 2014)
freedoms gained (16 December 2014)

sounds lost (late March 2014)

late March 2014

no longer the lap lap, lap lap, lap lap
as you drink
from your icecream box
in the garage beneath our bedroom

no more hearing you
flapping your ears
yelping in your dreams

no click of your claws on the floor
no thump as you throw your head down on the carpet
no bash of your tail against the narrow cupboards and chair legs

no puffing and panting

no noises from the back door
getting bumped and pushed as you moved, pressed up against it in your sleep

it is silent now

there were not many sounds that you made
I hardly ever recall you whining or barking

we did most of the talking, whistling, laughing, calling
no reason anymore to speak all those words and say all those names, cookiechop

no need to slap our legs encouragingly
or clap our hands together for you

I used to say there was no point in saying anything to a dog so you may as well say it twice
you may as well say it twice

we will never ever forget you Meg
and I’m glad I know
how much each of us loved you

also I’m glad
because I think
you knew it too