Remember when (22 March 2014)

Meg’s back legs (early March 2014)
Meg’s last Christmas (25 December 2013)

Remember when (22 March 2014)

22 March 2014

it’s Saturday morning and when her morning surgery is over, the vet is going to come

I’ll never forget your first morning with us Meg
in your very early days
in March 2001

you were tucked up
inside your small cardboard box
which was inside the big dogbox
on the verandah
dangerous green stairs barricaded off and gates firmly closed
newspaper spread all around you

you were safe
but you were barking, whining, whimpering, crying for your mother and brothers and sisters
what a din

it was very early in the day

and we fetched you
and put you on our bed
you were happy
we were happy
and all three of us fell asleep again

from that day to this
I won’t say you never gave us a moment’s trouble

there was a time when you loved nothing better than to rush out into Pearson Road
there was a day when Rhys had to rugby-tackle you in Ocean View Drive
he had no lead with him so had to carry / frogmarch you home
heavy little girl

the seconds and minutes, hours, days and years marched on
relentlessly, unstoppably
bringing a decline from perfection
and an increase in girth
(to Mum and Dad as well as you)

many meals, many walks, and much fun later
your race is almost run ….

we remember March 2001, in the morning of your life, then
and we shall also remember March 2014, in the evening of your life, now

last night, the same thing happened
you called
we came
but we could not take you back to bed this time

all we could do was clean up
and move you a little further along on the rug
and you stayed in that exact position
your muzzle all crinkled up

as I gazed at you a mozzie hovered near your flank
I fiercely brushed it away
won’t let it hurt you
won’t let this time hurt you more by going on and on

thanks for eating the bread Nick fed you

we have seen that you are uncomfortable
we know that you are ready to go
we have to be and are ready too

love you so much Megsy
we wish you Godspeed

say woof to the gang
go well pup