To Meggy (19 February 2014)

old dog (early January 2014)
Meggy (14 March 2012)

To Meggy (19 February 2014)

19 February 2014

Hi Mum

After reading your emails about Meggy and her wavering condition,
I wrote something tonight which I am sending to you.

As Rhys said earlier, a visit from the vet may not be in the too distant future
so I presume I won’t be there.
Could you please keep this short poem and if it comes down to that, read it for her,
thank you.

Love Bryn

To Meggy

For a dog that one cannot call yours or mine but ours,
We thank you for the years, months, weeks, and hours,
From Seltar and Yezi, to your boys, to Dad and Mum,
We will miss giving you a scratch or rub on the tum.

Your many different names will become part of your tale,
The garden will ring with echoes of the “Meggy” hail,
And your presence will be lasting in the home you called yours,
It may only be a memory, some fur, or that scent of your two front paws.

Picturing you at the foot of my bed, an image that will last,
I know there will be no dry eye on the day that you pass,  
Even the monkeys and moles of 12 Pearson will be sad,
As we all show our gratitude to the Queen of the pad.

You made a break up seem insignificant back in 2006,
Your bottom-driveway greeting offered me a warming fix;
As you could always be relied upon to provide us with a lift,
I know you will be in doggy heaven saying hello to Honey and Tiff.