enjoying her (17 December 2013)

hurts loving you (mid December 2013)
July 29, 2016
old dog (early January 2014)
July 29, 2016

enjoying her (17 December 2013)

17 December 2013

it’s just so enchanting having a dog
this morning I’d walked on the driveway
then left the front door open and gone into the kitchen

from there I heard the triptrop of her claws on the floor
and she appeared, looking pleased with herself

though it’s not allowed, it was so nice to hear that sound again

I had her breakfast in her bowl in the twitch of a muzzle

she scoffed every single biscuit
and left the OsteoEze capsule on its own

then as I watched, she had second thoughts
picked it up and crunched it

then had third thoughts and dropped it back again
I picked it up and put it with peanut butter inside a slice of bread

down the hatch it went
who’s a clever girl

then I heard the lap lap, lap lap, as she drank water

going to miss her so much








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