Carpe Omnia (early this century…)

The transcriber speaks
Poem by Meg (February 2013)

Carpe Omnia (early this century…)

early this century…



Young Megs I know just how you feel
I think to her
this early morning

as she flings herself onto her back on the grass below Avo Hill
and wriggles and rolls for joy of living
showing me she’s in bliss
at this minute

I am too
and I’m rolling too
in my mind

rolling and skipping and jumping and flying so high in a rush of joy
because I’ve woken up breathing
owning my mind
able to walk

I am grateful for my husband
still sleeping now in our bedroom close by

I am grateful for our three sons
they’re also still sleeping now, in their rooms
so it’s just us, Meg,
in this gift called today

our fridge magnet says

        “yesterday’s history
        tomorrow’s a mystery
        today’s a gift
        that’s why it’s called the present”

this very moment is all I have
and in this moment Meg and I have our eyes bright, tails wagging