God’s World


a conversation with a fisherman on the rocks near Umdloti, North Coast, KwaZulu-Natal
February 1997

I was swimming
I was swimming
in my world my wonderful sea
slipping through the waves
my bluegreen slender body at one with the bluegreen water
keeping my eye out for a tasty bite
free as a fish

I saw some food and took it
snapped tight on it
piercing pain

pulled through the air
never been in air before

put into a warm still puddle of leftover sea
never been in warm still water

sun blocked by monsters looking at me
I struggle to get out

where is my sea
where is my freedom
where is my life
I can’t breathe
the world is growing dim

“Do you know what fish this is?”
“What are you going to use it for?”
“Bait, they’re very good for bait.”

I wasn’t ready for this
still got my life to live

somebody help

sun glints on metal coming to me
please kill me before you cut me
please kill me before you cut