Myriorama Moment

Night Cricket
Open Gates

Myriorama Moment

“in whichever order these twenty-four cards are laid side by side
the result will be a perfectly harmonious landscape”

after all the years of waiting, on the top of the writing desk
after all the days and nights together and apart

after all the flights
backwards and forwards over the Atlantic
up and down over the Andes

the moment came
and on the 28th of December 2012

we set out the “endless landscape”
Anna and I, just as we had planned

and at Anna’s suggestion
I have recorded the order in which the cards were placed
on this the very first time

Fare thee well Falklands!

I wonder when the next time will be

perhaps some really really special news

perhaps so really really special someone will have to unscrew the squeaky camphorwood jar
as well

and breathe in its air….


A myriorama is defined as:
a form of landscape picture, made of several sections that can be combined in various ways to make different scenes.

There are apparently 1686553615927922354187744 possible combinations for this 24 piece “endless landscape…”