Taiaroa Head

Poem for Rhys and Michelle


on the night before your wedding ….

the glasses sang
in the hands of the women
as they laid them in clusters of four
on the table

they clinked and chimed

on the day of your wedding ….

the light drops spattered on the church roof
as you made your vows
the wind swayed the trees and rustled their leaves
the rain waited until the final photograph in the church grounds
before sending all scattering to their cars

and after your reception lunch
the sun appeared leisuredly
giving you your shadows
and gilding your faces

on the night of your wedding ….

flames crackled cosily in the grate
thunder bellowed nearby
then drummed softly further away
lightning lit and was gone
clouds flew together
the waning moon glinted into the dark

they were all also at your wedding
giving of themselves
speaking in their voices

making their speeches
without words

rejoicing with you
blessing you